Frequently Asked Questions

Why travel with Kenshō Retreats?

We are a female-owned, small business. We chose our company name “Kenshō” from a Zen term that alludes to “seeing your true nature.” The direct experience of being infinite awareness is the experience of your true nature. Or, as A.H. Almaas shares in Pearl Beyond Price, “As human beings we are Presence, we are Being, we are actuality; we are not simply mental constructs.” Furthermore, as a human being, your true nature is one of dynamic, openness—yearning to create and connect. A retreat with Kenshō retreats will set the scene for you to deepen your connection to the world within and around you through curious inquiry and memorable experiences. 

During your stay, we’ll supplement the diversity around us with a balanced blend of hiking, swimming, yoga classes, and introspective practices led by quality instructors and guides. You will also have an opportunity to give back to the local community and planet through a group act of karma yoga. Rather than sightseeing, we furnish experiences tailored to suit you. We offer a variety of hassle-free, international retreats each year in addition to private, customizable trips and welcome both independent and group travelers. You can expect us to provide personal attention and connection with our participants through cultural immersion. You’ll leave our retreats with life-long memories and lasting relationships with a diverse cohort of wellness-minded travelers who possess similar core values. 

Do other single travelers sign up for retreats? I don’t want to be the only one without a buddy.

Absolutely! Most retreat participants sign up alone. If you’re nervous about travelling by yourself, we recommend signing up for a group room (if available) and we’ll try our best to pair you with other solo travelers.

Do I have to do yoga to sign up for a retreat?

You are not required to do any of our included wellness classes, but we highly recommend you give a few a try before ruling them out! Even if you’ve never tried yoga before (or a specific style of yoga), we pride our instructors on their ability to teach to a population of varying skill sets. 

What type of wellness classes will be taught on your retreats? 

We specialize in mindfulness-based practices. Our classes vary but include meditation, yoga nidra, yin, restore, power yoga, aerial, and stand up paddleboard yoga. Our instructors are certified a minimum of 500 hours through well-rounded, Yoga Alliance® certified programs.

How much physical activity should I plan for?

Prepare for at least 3 hours a day of group-fitness style activity. While these classes may be fitness-based, we believe in an integral approach to activity and supplement physical exercises with meditation, mindfulness, and pranayama practices.  In addition, each of our retreats will include optional excursions that can include hiking, kayaking, ziplining, or surfing. 

How much does a custom retreat cost? 

We specialize in customizing retreats to suit not only your wellness necessities but also financial needs. Email us at for more information. 

Is there any free time?

You betcha! We work free time into our daily agenda and also have options for those eager to connect socially.

Do you offer Yoga Teacher Training?

Teacher training with Kenshō Retreats is coming soon! If you’re interested in training with Kenshō Retreats, fill out our inquiry form here.

What does Kenshō mean? 

“Kenshō” is a Zen term that alludes to “seeing your true nature.”

Are your instructors accredited?

Our instructors are accredited with Yoga Alliance® and all local guides meet legal credentials for our various international destinations.

How much spending money should I bring on my retreat?

Plan to bring enough money for daily meals, tips and gratuities, souvenirs, and transportation around town (if necessary)—in addition to emergency money for unexpected expenses that may arise.

Are there financing options available? 

Yes. We offer payment plans for each retreat through a simple auto-pay process. Email us for more information. 

Are you hiring? 

We are ever-expanding and open to applicants for various undertakings within our company. Please email info@kenshoretreats with your CV, resumé, and position(s) of interest.

Who can sign up for a retreat?

We welcome anyone over the age of 18 and have a wide range of ages on most retreats, from 18 to 81. If you’re interested in traveling with your children, send us an email with the retreat you’re interested in; retreat locations have varying policies and age restrictions.

By travelling with Kenshō Retreats, am I supporting other causes?

Every retreat with Kenshō Retreats is an opportunity to develop and explore the attitude of Karma Yoga. Additionally, we have at least one scheduled Karma Yoga trip where we get involved with the local community and lend a helping hand for various requested services: from beach clean-ups to volunteering at animal rescues. Learn more here.

My company is interested in partnering with Kenshō Retreats. Who should we contact?

Wonderful! Email with your name, company information, & partnership intention.