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Spirited Adventurers, Guiding Transformation

Erin Pikus & Mackenzie Sullivan, co-founders of Kenshō Retreats, are passionate adventurers inspired by the call to guide fellow travelers through the most magnificent yoga, wellness, and cultural experiences this world has to offer. Our union fatefully formed after a trip to Peru brought us closer together. We posses the desire to offer empowering and transformative experiences to others & specialize in customizable retreats for corporate wellness. We are delighted to offer a handful of our own public, international retreats per year.

Karma Yoga

Offering One’s True Self Through Mindful Action

The practice of serving others is more than a moral obligation; it’s a vital stepping stone on the path towards self-realization.

Karma Yoga is an integral part of who are are at Kenshō Retreats.

Karma yoga is one of the four yogic paths. This path is built from a foundation of devotional, selfless service. As such, it is both an attitude and a practice that supports waking up to our own mystery and divinity. In essence, karma yoga is action birthed from a place of love & compassion through detached awareness. It is giving without expecting a desired outcome. It is finding joy in all action—from mundane, daily tasks to once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Karma yoga reminds us that all work we engage in is holy work. Waking up to karma yoga creates a dynamic dialogue with ourselves, the world around us, and the universe at large. By waking up to our unique purpose and talents, we surrender to the universal intelligence that flows through each of us.

Every retreat with Kenshō Retreats is an opportunity to develop and explore the attitude of Karma Yoga. Additionally, we have at least one scheduled Karma Yoga trip where we get involved with the local community and lend a helping hand for various requested services: from beach clean-ups to volunteering at animal rescues.

Coral Triangle Foundation Volunteers

Want to Join our Next Karmic Experience?

We are headed to Bali, Indonesia for our upcoming Bali Retreat: Find your Zen in the Paradise of Bali 8 Days and 7 Nights. We will give back to the Balinese community by partaking in a beach clean up and educational discussion about this fragile ecosystem.

Unable to attend? Don’t fret; while we will of course miss your presence, there are still ways to support the Coral Triangle Foundation.

“When a person has let go of attachments, and is grounded in wisdom, everything this person does is an act of sacred joy, and all actions melt away.”

Bhagavad Gita 4:22

The Coral Triangle Foundation

Corals are important marine animals that form the foundations of a reef. The more corals there are the healthier the reefs are, and the more fish you’ll find in the ocean.

By adopting a coral, you will help rehabilitate coral reefs in Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area and contribute to healthy oceans and seas!

Magical places that have left us captivated...


Erin Pikus

B.S. Psychology, RYT-500
kenshō retreat leader co-founder

An entrepreneurial spirit, an endless need to see the world and the desire to offer empowering and transformative experiences (...and a fateful trip to Peru) led to the formation of Kenshō Retreats. Erin fills the space between trips to foreign lands by segment hiking the 1200 mile Ice Age National Scenic Trail in her home-state of Wisconsin. Erin could not be more grateful to have studied under the guidance of incredible yoga teachers and to have received certification in Restorative, Yin, Senior and Power Yogas. Passionate about bringing deep relaxation into the lives of others, she specializes in Yoga Nidra and is currently studying Thai Massage techniques.

Mackenzie Sullivan

B.S. Exercise Physiology, E RYT-500
kenshō retreat leader co-founder

Mackenzie is the co-founder of Kenshō Retreats. In her daily life, Mackenzie works full time as a writer, life coach, advanced educator, and an international retreat leader (see her latest work at terralumaoracle.com). Through these mediums, she promotes curious exploration and self-empowerment for all beings. Mackenzie has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology and is attaining her master’s degree in Consciousness and Transformative Studies. Her current studies supplement her coaching by allowing her to confidently weave elements of the mind, heart, and spirit through an individualized approach for every unique person. She spends her free time connecting with herself and others through yoga, exploring with her mini Aussie, Bellatrix, and traveling the world.


Costa Rica dominical sunrise
"She empowers you to remember that the guru is you."
I've known Erin for a few years now. I came to know her through yoga and secretly admired her ability to empower others and her strong yet gentle presence. Erin not only has expert knowledge of yoga, teaching, and traveling, she's also skilled in the art of connecting with others. I am so thrilled that Erin is starting to lead retreats because she brings to the table what many wellness retreats are lacking: personability. It takes a certain talent to be able to successfully lead a group of strangers through excursions in foreign lands while holding space to transform these strangers into friends. But it takes something deeper than talent to be able to meet the people you guide where they are, as equals. What I love about Erin is that regardless of her expertise, wisdom, and skillset, she will never make you feel as if you're in the presence of a guru. Instead, she empowers you to remember that the guru is you.
Former Student
October, 2019
Costa Rica dominical sunrise yoga
"Each day was a new adventure..."
"I have been a student of Mackenzie for over five years. I have thoroughly enjoyed her class, and find her to be an insightful challenging and brilliant teacher and guide. She lead two retreats which I had the pleasure of participating. She guides the way to finding your inner self. Each day was a new adventure, and I found myself in the state of inspiration. I hope to attend more of her retreats in the future as I love her soulful style."
Lori C
Retreat Participant
April, 2019
" [They] had developed a program for the 5 day trip that was perfect."
I went on a Yoga retreat to Costa Rica that Mackenzie put together in January 2019. It was wonderful! At the time I’d been studying yoga for just over 1 year. While I was intrigued by the prospect of taking the trip (I’d never been to Costa Rica before), I was a little concerned about whether the retreat would be too difficult for me. I’m 62 and most of the others on the trip were much more experienced and younger. Mackenzie had developed a program for the 5 day trip that was perfect. Her individualized instruction to me and others varied based on our age and ability so I wasn’t at any disadvantage at all! Equally important were the activities she planned to introduce us to this wonderful country. Her thorough planning and attention to detail was fantastic! I had an amazing time. Mackenzie is also a terrific person. Her consideration, caring and involvement were real and genuine. I wholeheartedly recommend booking a retreat with Mackenzie and will do so again.
Arnie S
Past Traveler
May, 2019
"One of the best experiences I’ve ever had."
Mackenzie was one of two instructors that accompanied our journey to Costa Rica. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. The trip’s positivity was three fold: beautiful Costa Rica, a week full of yoga, self love, care, and independence, and being lead by the beautiful, red Mackenzie Sullivan. As a person, Mackenzie’s communication is graceful and intelligent; she holds an unwavering acceptance of all that brings a familiarity and sense of home to anyone interacting with her. As a yoga instructor, Mackenzie’s teaching is second to none. Her creativity explodes through the seams when she coordinates a level 2 class, guiding students through unique pose combinations, transitions, and movements. She is patient, caring, and abundantly giving to her students.
Amy A.
Retreat Participant
October, 2019